Monday, June 12, 2006

Writer's block

Who knew you could get writer's block when almost every moment of every day contains experiences worth thinking and writing about? I’m overwhelmed with ‘having nothing to say.’

he problem is that the things that used to amaze me are now simply normal, everyday occurrences. Jenn Dysart, who is a long-term volunteer from UNB whose blog is here, said it best in EWB’s last e-newsletter:

“The run-away goat in the middle of the main street hardly warrants a second glance. The lady carrying a suitcase on her head, a baby on her back, her arms full of plastic bags and wearing no shoes is no longer a rare sighting. And children playing with toys made purely from old dirty milk cartons, bent wire, or empty bottles no longer evoke pity, but admiration at their ingenuity.”

I just went out and photographed a few random things around town. Here’s what I got:

I actually haven’t quite gotten used to this yet…. This particular herd of cows is pretty average by local standards, though they’ve actually all put on weight since I first arrived, thanks to the grass that came shortly after the rains. I’ve been told that by the end of the rainy season they will fill out to look like the cows we’re used to seeing back home in Canada.

Both Mike and I have tried many times to carry water or containers on our heads; the result has simply been a lot of spilled liquids and strained neck muscles. It’s not as easy as it looks!

There’s no paved roads around here, so dirt roads have become a common sight. The ground is a very intense red-brown not unlike the beaches in PEI.

That’s all for now.

I do have a random request, though. I'm out of the loop in terms of news, especially news from home. However, someone sent me this link ( Is this a joke? Can anyone send an email to and explain how the heck this is even possible??


At 8:10 a.m., Blogger Kristina said...

Pretty sure that is either a joke, or very old news. The budget was in ... March I think? It is Shelia Copps news, as best as i can tell, so there would likely be a strong bias right there.
However, some of the other news stories on there are current...
By the way, that picture is exactly like PEI, you could have taken it there. Except it is never cloudy there, always always sunny on PEI.


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