Tuesday, December 09, 2008

My Christmas Wish

It's a few years later, but I couldn't help but feeling like anyone checking back in on this blog would understand my reasoning here. Because after thinking that there wasn't really anything I wanted for Christmas, I decided that the best way to celebrate the holidays was to give something back to people who really need it. I'm asking you to help me raise money for Engineers Without Borders.

My page is at http://www.giftofopportunity.ca/Bryn

There you can see what's on my holiday wish list, and if you support any or all of my wishes, please contribute what you can. 30% of your donation will go to the UNB chapter (where my involvement with EWB began and where I was given the opportunity to work in Ghana), and 70% will go to the national programs, which coordinate Canadian engagement and implement real, effective projects on the ground in Africa. Less than 10% of the organisation's funds go to overhead and all money fundraised is taken very seriously -- I know that with my entry level job in Saint John, I'm already making more money than either of EWB's CEOs (and they live in downtown Toronto)!

I've set a personal goal to raise $1000.00, which is really ambitious, but I hope can be made through a wide variety of small donations; even just $5, $10. Every little bit counts, and from my experience with EWB in Ghana, even just small amounts of money as inputs for farmers can catalyze great change.

Your donations can be anonymous if you want, and as a registered charity your gifts can be given charitable receipts. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask. As you probably all know, EWB and the farmers I met in Ghana are dear to my heart, and nothing could be a better gift for me this year than to invest in them and the work they are doing.

Take care,